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Microsoft Office 365 Promo Codes for Office 365 Home, Office 365 Personal, Office 365 Business Premium, Office 365 Business. Get the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook at Discount Price Starts from $6.99. Renewal yearly or monthly subscription to Office 365. Get Office 365 up to 5 PCs or Macs, plus get 1TB of cloud storage with ongoing updates.

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 for Mac Promo Code

By   March 22, 2018

This is the best version as of now available for petty home cores and student academics. It is designed to match the seamless technology of Mac and as a result, the speed and accuracy of working increases on Mac when you have this Office Home & Student 2016 for Mac software installed on your Macs. This version can be used by 1 user on 1 Mac and it comes preloaded with fully installed editions of Word, OneNote, Excel, and PowerPoint. While your Mac needs to have Mac OS X 10.10 to run this suite it comes with all languages included and lets the user store all the files and documents on Cloud with the assistance of OneDrive.

Office for Mac is tailored with the intention of giving the user the advantages of the most modern Mac features that include full-screen view support, Retina display, and also scroll bounce in addition to giving all the latest Office 2016 features.

The Mac in order to run this version apart from having Operating System of Mac OS X 10.10 also needs to have Intel processor, 4GB RAM, a hard disk of 6GB HFS+ hard disk format, display of 1280 x 800 resolution in addition to having a Microsoft account. The editing, reviewing and sharing tools present in the Word enables the user to give master-stroke to the documents and the new Design tab gives quick access to features while Smart Lookup showcases related contextual info from the net directly inside the Word. Leverage features of Excel such as Analysis Toolpak, Formula Builder, and Slicers save the time of the user and thereby the user can focus more on insights. The latest Excel gives ease of operating and scripting the works related to numbers and calculations.

The user also has the edge of storing files in the cloud with OneDrive and sharing them wherever he/she goes. The power of OneNote and PowerPoint are always there for adding extra professional look. Grab it using Office Home & Student 2016 for Mac Promo Code.

Microsoft Publisher 2016 Promo Code for PC Compatible with Windows 7 or later

By   February 21, 2018

Microsoft Publisher, since its release in 1991 to the latest version-Publisher 2016 underwent many changes but with only one aim of making publishing easier and reachable. This Office application focuses more on page layout and design rather than the composition as Word focuses. It has been brought out keeping in mind the economy and cost-effectiveness and it primarily targets to reach and make publication processes available for small-end publications which primarily are predominant in small businesses and households.

It is nothing less to any professional designer present in the market as far as designing, crafting and bringing the end product of publication is concerned. The only difference is it is an application.

The latest version of this app: Publisher 2016 is available in 2 variants:

1)    Publisher for Home

2)    Publisher for Business.

However, both the versions have the same function: publishing but with slight differences based on the need and plan. Publisher works on various devices such as PCs, Macs, Tablets and so on that have Windows as their operating system but each of the device needs specially designed Publisher versions to run properly. This magnificent publishing tool of Office 2016 works on Windows 7 and later versions and comes with all languages included.

With Publisher at disposal creating, personalizing and even sharing a wide array of publications with professional quality is at ease. The user can swap images with just a simple drag and drop option and at the same add images straight from the online albums directly.

There is also an option to add special effects to images and documents to make the publications stand distinguished from the rest. The application has a good number of options such as sidebars and stories, calendars, advertisements, borders and much more, all of which aim at making publishing easy and effective.

Once the final touch to the publication is done be it an image or design it can be printed in any of the print houses and the same can also be emailed. If you wish to publish like pro purchase it using Microsoft Publisher 2016 Promo Code.

Save up to 20% using Office Home & Student 2016 for PC promo code

By   February 5, 2018

Office Home & Student 2016 for PC:

It makes academics an easier task for students and is designed keeping in mind the students and their academics. Microsoft designed this Office Home & Student 2016 for PC exclusively for students and petty home tasks. It fits perfectly well with single PC and comes with fully loaded latest versions of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Storing of files is easy as the user has the Cloud to store with the help of OneDrive. This suite works on Windows 7 or later versions and comes with all languages included.

Without any further saying the Office applications such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and other apps make presentations and documentation much meaningful and vibrant. While OneNote acts as your personal digital book you can write and earmark your ideas and other stuff along with having the ease to store your video and audio files. OneDrive acts as a platform to access all your files anywhere and on any device.

While you need 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor to run this version you also need a memory of 1 GB RAM or 2 GB RAM. As said it requires an operating system of Windows 7 or later versions.

This is best for persons who require basic Office apps as it runs extremely well for 1 user on a single set of Windows PC. It gives a fully installed version of Office to the PC when subscribed. However, Outlook, Publisher, and Access are not available with this version while the rest of the applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote are present.

To get this suite at a lesser price, use Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 for PC Promo Code.

Office 365 Personal Promo Code Saves 16% on Yearly Subscription

By   February 2, 2018

This version is the best Office suite at present for individuals as it makes the work a fun along with providing latest Office applications. Users can avail the version either as a monthly subscription or yearly subscription. Going for yearly subscription gives the user a 16% saving.

The latest Office applications give the users the flexibility of working with ease and on time. Along with this, the user can also avail additional OneDrive storage. The only difference between Office 365 Personal and Office 365 Home is while the later is compatible with 5 users and 5 devices the foremost holds good for 1 device and 1 user.

The user can make use of the fully installed Office with up-to-date applications on the Mac or PC, mobile, and tablet.
All the latest Office features such as Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook, and Access can be enjoyed. However, the user should note that few applications and features are available only on few devices and they differ based on platform, language, and device, as such Publisher and Access run on just PC only and don’t function on mobiles or tablets. The user can avail 1TB OneDrive Cloud storage in addition to enjoying 60 minutes free Skype call per month.

The user after subscribing to this version can either install it on 1 Mac or PC, 1 tablet, and 1 mobile. Users can get the Microsoft support when in doubt either through chat or phone for free of cost while you enjoy the latest applications of Office and other exclusive features using Microsoft Office 365 Personal Promo Code.

Publisher 2016 Promo Code Provides Professional Publication

By   June 27, 2017

Microsoft Publisher is aimed at making publishing more affordable. In fact, the company got it into the market keeping small businesses and individual needs in mind. Released in 1991 this user-friendly publishing tool undergone many changes just to make it even more effective and economical.

As of now, the latest version is Publisher 2016 which was released in 2015.

Microsoft’s Publisher 2016 can aptly be called as the simplest way to give your publications a professional look so that these publications have an impact and authenticity. This marvelous suite works on 1 PC that is compatible with Windows 7 or the later OS. It comes with all languages in it. If you wish to give your publications dazzling looks do it by using Microsoft Publisher 2016 Promo Code.

Publisher enables the user to create, tailor make and share an array of professional publications with ease. The user can directly swap images with an easy drag & drop option, or can even add illustrations straight away from the online albums.

Don’t forget to use all the available special effects tools to make the publications appealing. Select from a series of page parts such as stories and sidebars, in addition to calendars, advertisements, borders, and much more.

To say in nutshell what Microsoft Word is for composing data Microsoft Publisher is for publication. The only difference is Word emphasizes more on text composing, proofing and editing while Publisher aims at page design and layout format.

Publisher comes by default in high-end versions of Office while in lower-end versions it can be purchased separately if the user wishes. It has been a boon to small users and individuals who wish to give their publications a professional touch with an economical price.

The inbuilt tools in it assist the user’s right from page designing to sending the desired documents through email.

Save more on Language Pack using Office Language Pack 2013 Promo Code

By   June 20, 2017

Microsoft Office Language Pack 2013 is tailor made with the motto of switching Microsoft Office into the user’s desired language. When a user runs Office in desired language total Office applications will be displayed in the preferred language and so it is easy to use Office.

The Language Pack has:

  • Display in preferred language
  • Assistance in chosen language
  • Proofing & tools for the desired language

And to avail these, a subscriber can subscribe by using Microsoft Office Language Pack 2013 Promo Code or can simply run Office in different languages using Office 365 subscription.

Office Language allows the user to use Office easily and so drafting and editing works become easier and also presentations will be more professional. The user has the option to switch to proofing tools such as a dictionary, thesaurus and spell checker when needed. A user can even switch over total application, in addition to switching help content and menus into the desired language.

This software connects the users to free of cost Office templates and that too in the chosen language. Installation of Office templates is easier and this lets the subscriber adding on inbuilt business designs and logics to the applications and documents. With these many features in it, it is just advisable to make the best of it.

Language 2013 can even be enhanced with latest features by buying Microsoft Office 2013 Language Pack Service Pack 1 (SP1).

Office Language 2013 averts the compulsion of making use of Office in English language. This is available in many languages including English and many more languages are being added every year just grab your version in your desired language.

Save up to 30%, use Office Professional 2016 Promo Code

By   June 19, 2017

Microsoft Office Professional 2016 comes fully loaded with latest applications of Office just grab it using Microsoft Office Professional 2016 Promo Code. The user has Outlook, Access, Publisher, Word, OneNote, Excel, and PowerPoint to meet all the professional ends. It works excellently on 1 PC that has Windows 7 or later versions.

The user can work smarter with this suite as creation and presentation of ideas and data will have professionalism. All the advanced tools in it make your work to be finished quickly and with accuracy. With Access, a user can without any difficulty create browser-linked database apps so that he can use these to carry on business. Data automatically gets locked in the SQL database, hence there is security and is also scalable easily whenever needed.

There is Outlook for easier management of calendar, email, tasks and contacts. The Push email updates the inbox automatically while conversation view packs related messages together. Plan your schedule with less difficulty by easily viewing calendars.

With OneNote in it, you are carrying your digital notebook with you no matter wherever you go. You can jot and share your photos, files, and ideas with anyone using this app.

When you have the latest Word in it that comes with features such as Design tab and Smart Lookup features documentation, reviewing and reshaping the data will get a professional look.

The new slide transitions and enhanced task pane in PowerPoint will make your presentations immensely appealing while you share data with the assistance of slides. Give your feedback with the help of threaded comments.

And don’t forget the suite also comes with latest Excel that has all the tools to save your time and make you focus on demanding tasks.

Your publications will automatically go professional as there is up-to-date Publisher in it. The feasibility to give special effects to the data makes your data stand apart from the crowd.

Microsoft Office 365 Home Promo Code Gives the Best Savings

By   June 2, 2017

The one best way to take full advantage of Microsoft Office applications is to go for Microsoft Office 365 Home monthly and yearly subscription. It is one version that enables complete usage of Office applications beginning with Word to OneNote. And more importantly, it works with the same usefulness and speed for 1 user or up to 5 users.

Devices and Operating System on which it works:

To say it in nutshell, it virtually works on everything and every OS. It can be used on 5 PCs or 5 Macs or can be used on 5 tablets inclusive of iPad. Please note that these tablets can be- iOS, Android or Windows versions. Along with these devices, it can even be run on 5 phones.

What are the inbuilt applications?

This is completely a fully loaded version and replica to Microsoft Office and so you have all the latest versions of Office in it and for few subscriptions, you find features that are even higher or totally absent in Office 2016 as a standalone product.

Features included:

All the latest versions of Word for perfect documentation, Excel for complete numerical and statistical data, PowerPoint for perfect slide presentations, Outlook to easily manage your accounts, calendar, contacts and emails, OneNote to jot down all your ideas and work from anywhere, Publisher to publish like a pro, Access to create your database apps in no time and many more.

Apart from all the spellbound facilities, you will get 1TB cloud storage per each user which can be extended to 5 users and never ceasing access to all the updates for free.

This suite is compatible with Windows 7 or later on versions and Mac OS X 10.10 with all languages included.

Well, if these features don’t lure you to buy this suite then you have these features that may push you to buy:

  • With 1 subscription 5 household users can use this software.
  • Each user will receive 1TB free cloud storage and 1 hour Skype calls absolutely free for a month.
  • And with this, you can virtually work from anywhere on all your gadgets.

Looks astounding right? Just grab it either as an annual subscription or monthly package.

Click here for Microsoft Office 365 Home Promo Codes

Office 365 Renewal Promo Code 2017 for Home and Personal

By   April 14, 2017

As far as working on Microsoft products and software is concerned the working is totally different and entirely pro-user and the same applies to Office 365 Home.  Suitable for Windows 7 and later versions this suite perfectly suits every need of small users and is very much essential for home purposes both for personal and professional needs. It suits the students and helps in day to day academic works.

It is software that enables to carry on works virtually anywhere and at any time as it has all the latest fully updated applications that enable you to work effortlessly.

Coming to what Office 365 Home has for you and what are all the offers and subscription it has for you, we will take you through thorough details of this Microsoft’s magnificent software.

The latest Office 365 Home suits all most all devices be it PCs, Macs, iPad and Tablets and is also built to run on present day operating systems such as Android, Windows, and iOS.

Having Office 365 software is nothing but giving the power of it to 5 PCs, 5 Macs, or 5 Tablets. You can run the software on up to 5 devices thereby enabling multiple tasking at a time. The other untold benefit is 1TB free online storage per each user up to 5 users. Looks astonishingly beneficial, isn’t it? Apart from this 5 users can get 1 hour of free Skype calling every month in addition to free of cost accessibility to all the latest updates to the suite.

Microsoft also throws away the suite literally for nothing and this happens for students, faculty, and veterans especially and even lesser prices are available for students and faculty at the time of Back To School offer. And for other populace to enjoy the version at best price you can shop it at lesser prices on special days such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and few other specific days.

The suite includes latest versions of Word, Publisher, Access, PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive, Outlook and OneNote to make your work easily and effortlessly. The best way for anyone to save $20 is to subscribe Office 365 @ $99.99 per annum instead of $9.99 per month. And also don’t forget to save additionally on Office 365 Renewals by using Office 365 Renewal Promo Code.

Microsoft Office 365 Personal Promo Code 2017

By   April 4, 2017

Microsoft Office 365 Personal is such software designed to get your works done anywhere and on any device. This Office 365 personal is compatible both with PC and Mac apart from befittingly suitable for almost all devices that have operating systems of Android, iOS, and Windows. With Office 365 Personal promo code see your works accomplished virtually on any device.

This suite gives the power of working on 1 PC or 1 Mac in addition to 1 tablet, no matter whether your device runs on Android, Windows or iOS.

Storing all your files is now free as this version includes 1TB online Cloud storage for 1 user allowing you not only storage but also Cloud protection to your files as they are stored and guarded by Cloud security.

Microsoft Office 365 Personal even gives you unlimited access to all the fresh updates without any added charges and making Skype calls is also at its best mode as you get 60 minutes of free Skype calls every month so, what to ask more.

The suite comes with all the latest features of Excel, Publisher, Access, Word, PowerPoint, OneDrive, OneNote and Outlook to make your work easier.

You can subscribe this version as a monthly plan at $6.99 per month or as a yearly pack at $69.99 per4 annum. Check out here for Verified  Microsoft Office 365 Personal Promo Code for Windows and MAC.