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Save up to $99 on Microsoft Surface Studio Bundle with Promo Code

By   February 13, 2018

Get free 3-month trial of Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan and 1TB of cloud storage to save your files to access anywhere with purchase of latest Microsoft Surface Studio.

Surface Studio redefines Surface series devices. It comes with 6th Generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and a RAM beginning with 8GB and expandable up to 32GB and in addition to these spectacular features it has 1TB storage making it the most versatile device from Microsoft.

The extremely ultra-thin design and 28 inches PixelSense Display that is adjustable even adds specialty to this stunner performing Surface. It works super solidly with accessories such as Surface Pen, Surface Dial, and other Surface accessories. The meticulously crafted design and less weight allow it to fit perfectly well in any sort of workstation and in addition, the same meticulous design that comes with counterbalanced hinge without any effort changes from Desktop Mode to Studio Mode and vice-versa allowing the user the best working experience.

Surface Studio comes included with Keyboard, Mouse and Surface Pen. It is the best Surface to work with Windows 10 Pro. And in addition to getting the best performance upon purchasing this device, the buyer also gets 3 months Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan for free in addition to 1TB cloud storage that is also free. The 10-bit color depth and 13.5 million pixels give ultra-clear viewing of ideas and designs made by you from any nuke and corner of the room.

The device has all the wireless connections such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and also comes with built-in Xbox Wireless set up to enjoy games without the need for a cable. The 5.0MP camera that has 1080p HD video at the front makes video conferences and calls much clear while the dual microphones and stereo 2.1 speakers having Dolby Audio Premium advantage give the best audio experience.

The Windows Hello feature gives unmatched security for files and device. It also permits easy and secure sign-up with a simple look. Now, in addition to all these unique selling points, there is one more USP and that is Microsoft and this name alone should suffice you to go for the product without any delay. So, buy it using Surface Studio Promo Code and enjoy the true technology and vibrancy.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Promo Code 2017 for the Latest Surface Tablet

By   May 6, 2017

If you are a college student looking for laptops that will bring personal feel and touch, you should know about the latest Surface laptop from Microsoft. When talking about Surface, most students get a thought that all systems in the family cost more and so they cannot spend. But, the good news for you is that you can use the Surface Laptop Promo Code to pre-order this laptop at a friendly cost. Read on to learn more about this latest addition to the Surface family.

Color choices for personal feel:

Most of us feel personal when we can get a laptop in our favourite color. You can get this personal touch with the Surface laptop due to the following color choices available:

  • Burgundy’s elegance is a color that is different from any other laptop in the market. This color moves from mild rose and moves to deep red when you make a shift from morning to night or when you move from outside to inside.
  • Cobalt blue is a color that is depth in appearance. This is a color that is around us everywhere in the sea and in the sky. As it is a color stimulated by nature, it feels bring and natural.
  • If you are looking for a neutral color, you can choose graphite gold. To ensure the comforting glow, Microsoft has used a glisten in the metal.
  • Platinum is the core color of Surface. It is actually the heritage color of Microsoft. But, you will find new depths in this color in Surface laptop because of the anodization procedure. It endures to create a bright and timeless statement.

To bring a charming and cool feel outside, Microsoft has used anodized metal in the external portion. Similarly, to bring a warm and soft feel, Alcantara material is used outside. These features bring in a luxury and deepness to the Surface laptop from Microsoft. Besides improving functionality, Microsoft has shown interest to provide tactile familiarity. When it comes to design aspect, Alcantara is easy to clean and it actually resists spill absorption.

The best Office suite and Windows operating system:

Microsoft has made Surface laptop for Windows 10 S and the laptop is powered by this operating system. The software and hardware blend so flawlessly and it will not be possible to say the point at which one application concludes and the other starts. As a limited-period offer, Microsoft is going to release this laptop with one-year Office 365 personal subscription and a TB of free storage in OneDrive. This free subscription will bring you complete access OneNote, PowerPoint, Excel and Microsoft Word. All the documents that you save on this laptop will remain secured, stable and protected. As every file that you save on your computer will be automatically saved to the cloud, there will not be any loss of file. In addition, the Windows 10 S will keep your Surface updated always, thereby ensuring the best performance and security that is streamlined.

So, make the best use of Microsoft Surface Laptop Promo Code and reap the benefits of the latest Surface laptop from Microsoft.

Surface Studio Promo Code 2017

By   January 27, 2017

Surface Studio Coupon Code to Place Order for a Cool PC.

It is good that you have come across some details about Microsoft Surface Studio and wish to learn more. Before you preorder, it is better to remind you of the availability of Surface Studio Promo Code.

Many of us love Microsoft just because of the professionalism and easiness to use. But, there is one thing that prevents us from getting near Microsoft’s products and it is nothing, but the cost. Due to the good quality and also due to the brand name, the software and also hardware products from this tech giant is always higher. If you are thinking about investing on the company’s first all-in-one PC added recently to the Surface lineup, then you should opt for the Surface Studio. But, if its cost concerns you, you can get help from Surface Studio Promo Code.

The most interesting computer that was released recently is not an ultra-thin laptop. It is actually a desktop made by Microsoft. Without any doubt, the Surface Studio is the bigger and bolder follow up to the Surface lineup made by Microsoft. Even though at the very first look, you will consider it to be a typical all-in-one system, it hides many excellent features within it. Just try giving a bit of nudge to the screen, you will find that it starts bending. In fact, it can bend all the way down to 20-degree angle, thereby making it the best system for artists and designers.

The accessory called as Surface Dial:

Together with the new Surface Dial accessory, the Surface Studio might just turn out to be powerful rig that professionals in the creative field were waiting for. Even though there are certain first-generation stumbling blocks that the users will have to adjust, overall they will find that this is an excellent all-in-one PC that actually doubles in performance with the best Surface Studio accessories like the Surface Dial.


Besides the cost benefits you can get with Surface Studio coupon code, you will surely be enthralled with the very attractive design when you place this all-in-one PC for the first time on your desktop. The 28-inch screen that is connected to the short aluminum base with a pair of chrome hinges gives an attractive look to the PC.

Effortless bending:

The chrome hinges in Surface Studio house a detailed 80-spring structure that makes winding of the screen highly effortless. The display brings out a sharp 4500×3000, which means 13 million pixel resolution. When compared to a 4K monitor, this is 63% more and just 1.2 million fewer pixels as compared to a 5K monitor. All the hardware pertaining to the system is located in its slim base. Also, the touchscreen support makes the working highly easier for designers or creators. Even though it is a touchscreen monitor, the Surface Pen will come handy for those, who are used to working through such an input device, rather than using their hand.

Easily manageable weight:

As the Surface Studio is around the weight of 21 pounds, you will find that it is easier to move the system around your home easily. Even though it cannot be stated as a portable system, it is actually movable. Even though, the base mostly gets out of the way, you will find it a little heavy if you are used to all-in-one PCs that heave the hardware behind the screen.


Irrespective of whether you shop for this all-in-one PC with or without Surface Studio promo code, you will find that there are two pairs of USB 3.0 ports. One of these ports is high-powered; there is also a gigabit Ethernet jack, a full-size SD Card reader, a mini display port connection and also a headphone jack.


Tech giants state that this is best all-in-one PC that can be the best choice for professionals like designers and artists. Its compatibility with excellent applications also makes it the ideal choice for creators.

Surface Studio Coupon Code to Make Drawing Easier With Surface Dial

By   December 9, 2016

Microsoft has already earned a great name among tech savvies due to their great software programs and even hardware devices recently. An addition to the Surface lineup, but with a huge lot of differences as compared to the Surface tablet, Microsoft has recently introduced the Surface Studio. This is an all-in-one PC for which preordering is now open. If you intend to get a fresh system to help with your personal and professional tasks, you are sure to get the best benefits with the Surface Studio. The availability of Surface Studio promo code to use on preordering is something excellent.

Microsoft enthusiasts were highly expecting the date of opening the pre-ordering for Microsoft Studio. They are well-aware of the fact that this is the first desktop that is designed exclusively by Microsoft. The company announced about this PC on the 26th of October 2016 on the Windows 10 Devices event. As Windows 10 is their latest operating system, Microsoft has manufactured this unit with Windows 10 Pro pre-installed.

Surface Dial:

Even though Microsoft Surface Studio comes with a huge monitor to help with many processes, to help with the process of drawing and to make things even easier, Microsoft has introduced many accessories for Surface Studio. Surface Dial is one such accessory to help with drawing. This is a little unit that is powered by two AAA batteries. Also, it is not essential that you should have Surface Studio to use Dial. As it is compatible with any Windows 10 device, you can use it on any PC. The dial will instantly light up the drawing tools to make the drawing through your Windows 10 PC enjoyable and even more productive.

Good for gaming:

Even though Microsoft has not introduced Surface Studio as a gaming PC, it is still highly capable enough. Yes, it goes well with games like Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3. Even it comes with built-in Xbox wireless support. This means that you can use any Xbox One controller for playing games. Also, it is compatible with Windows Hello. This means that with the help of 1080 pixel camera, you can simply log into Windows 10 with just your face.

Super-responsive applications:

Regardless of whether you work on the files stored on the HDD or any other are in Microsoft Surface Studio, you will find that the applications like Photoshop are highly responsive. Also, besides the cost-saving benefit with Surface Studio Coupon Code, the 32 GB RAM will help with multitasking easily. In general, huge memory is required when you work on huge files and this memory requirement can be rightly met by the 32 GB RAM. Similar to that of conventional PCs, you will get 4 USB 3.0 ports. In addition, there is an SD Card reader, mini DisplayPort, and headphone jack. This means that even you can connect a second monitor with Surface Studio. However, to use the Surface Studio as the monitor itself, it is not possible to use the DisplayPort.


Reviewers call this PC as a gorgeous computer. The great looks are really stunning to attract anyone passing by. The elegant simplicity followed by Microsoft with respect to the design aspect is highly appreciable. The focus is purely on the 28-inch screen that is connected to the short aluminum based with a pair of chrome hinges. This is something attractive.


With all its attractive and usefulness with respect to features, you can also expect an attractive price with Surface Studio promo code. This type of promotional code will help you with getting a certain percentage of discounts when you place an order for Surface Studio. Also, you can place an order for the system along with Microsoft Surface Studio accessories to get better discounts.

Surface Studio Promo Code Get Free Shipping, Free Returns

By   November 15, 2016

Get Ready For Your Workdays Ahead With Surface Studio Coupon Code.

For individuals in the creative work, computers have made great changes to their profession and this is going to be even truer with Surface Studio using Surface Studio promo code.

Microsoft has won the hearts of many people from around the world by introducing the best lineup of products. When talking about successful products from the company next to Office and Windows, Surface always finds a place in the list. After making four generations of introductions to the Surface family, the company has announced about the Surface Studio, which is an all-in-one PC with Windows 10 Pro OS. Even though the release will be made in December 2016, pre-orders for this system has begun and now you can place the order now at the best cost with Surface Studio Promo Code.

If you have been following Microsoft, you might be aware of the fact that they introduce their products with a specific group of people in mind like for businesses, students, etc. Now, for professionals, who will have to be more and more creative in their profession to succeed can get help with the Microsoft Surface Studio, an all-in-one PC that comes pre-installed with Windows 10 Pro operating system. Professionals can do more with this PC and they can get everything done at the best cost with Surface Studio coupon code.

Get ready for your workday:

Microsoft has designed Surface Studio to handle the most hectic workday. This system features an adjustable and brilliant display, which makes collaboration and sharing of work with team members highly easier. Thanks to the 1080 pixel camera that makes video calls feel like direct talks. Also, the speakers deliver premium Dolby audio to ensure the best audible chatting. In addition, if designers are engaged in some tasks, they need not have to use their hands for entering into Studio, they can just show their face in front of the screen and it will recognize them and will allow entry into the system with Windows Hello. The Surface Studio promo code is an added advantage to them.

Meticulously crafted:

Microsoft has built Surface Studio with striking lines and also small footprints. The minimal yet modern design rightly fits into the workspace of designers and others alike. The users can swiftly turn the system into studio mode and desktop mode to ensure smooth shifting between the work as the system features a counterbalanced hinge. This is possible at the best cost with Surface Studio coupon code.

A canvas of ideas:

The accessories called Surface Dial, which you can get for free when you place an order for Surface Studio with or without Surface Studio promo code before the 1st of December and Surface Pen will help you do more. For ensuring natural writing and erasing, the pen will rest in your hands like normal pens. This pen that comes along with Surface Studio is pressure sensitive and has a working eraser. Also, you can use Surface Dial to get a quick display of drawing tools that will make it easier to work with creative applications like Bluebeam, Adobe Creative Cloud, etc.

Log in and relax:

If you are looking for a system that will help you with unwinding after long hours of work, you can confidently opt for Surface Studio. You can just settle in with a binge or movie and can also watch your favorite television shows on the big screen. You can also socialize with your friends by sharing pictures and can also play your favorite games with Xbox Wireless Controller. Remember to enjoy savings on your pre-ordering with Surface Studio coupon code.

Meet Surface Dial:

Surface Dial that comes for free when you pre-order Surface Studio with or without Surface Studio promo code before the 1st of December is an entirely new method to interact with technology. With this accessory for which you can place order separately, you can create the most immersive and natural works. You can reimagine, navigate, access, customize and can store physical tools in the digital world with this tool and everything right from concept to creation is possible with this great tool.