Microsoft Office 2016 Promo Code the Best Software for all your office needs

By   March 17, 2017

This article describes the features of Microsoft office 2016 and why it is unique software from all the previous versions. The benefits, the technicalities which are improved, the features that are retained as that of the previous versions and how a user can accommodate his needs in this software. It also has a briefing of how and where to learn using this new version. After reading this you can also use the Microsoft office 2016 promo code of Canada to buy the latest version of this software.

Microsoft office 2016 is the successor of office 2013 and office for Mac 2011. The new features for windows include: open, edit, create and save files straight in the cloud and ‘Send As’ options in Word and PowerPoint. Microsoft offers to replace the office 2013 versions freely. You can check for the Office 2016 Promo Code on Microsoft’s official website.  The new features for Mac have updated the user interface, full support for retina display and new sharing features for office documents.

Five editions were released which include: Home and student; Home and business; standard; professional and professional plus. Three editions released for Mac are Home and student; Home and business and standard. The subscription services are improvised with additional value added plans like extra storage for one drive up to 1 TB and 60 Skype minutes for the home premium plan. The user interfaces design in almost unchanged from the office 2013 design. It retains the metro design language except for some minor modifications made to the layout in order to confirm the design of office mobile. Microsoft office 2016 was released with three themes with the default theme being “colorful” that has solid colors featuring on the top band of the ribbon like for instance, dark blue solid color on the top band of Microsoft word. The existing white and dark grey themes are retained while there are no additions or deletions to the background. An additional fourth black color theme is added in the update of January 2016. There is a wide range of subscription benefits by Microsoft like for 5 user pack you can get update applications with exclusive new features. You can get Microsoft support via phone or online chat at no extra cost.  Skype calls to mobiles and landlines with extra 60 minutes and also 1TB one drive storage per user per month which adds up to 5 TB one drive storage for the whole pack. The benefits are less however if you buy a 1 user pack. You only get 1 user facility and nothing more. It is always better to buy the multiple user packs in order to access all the advanced features. This will ensure you make complete use of the features in the latest version. Office 2016 makes it easier to work securely and maintain compliance without inhibiting your workflow. You can boost your team’s productivity by sharing documents and collaborating in real time. There are special tools to find expert answers which make using it easier. Co-authoring and reviewing are a lot easier with office 2016.

Get immediate productivity gains from Microsoft test sessions which you can attend before buying their products. So do check out their website for the dates of test sessions at their office. They are 90-minute sessions offered twice a day and will surely let you know everything the software can do and ensure happy usage after buying. So on the whole buying Microsoft office 2016 makes all your work better and easier. Also, your data is secure with the intelligent security system.

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