Microsoft Surface Laptop Promo Code 2017 for the Latest Surface Tablet

By   May 6, 2017

If you are a college student looking for laptops that will bring personal feel and touch, you should know about the latest Surface laptop from Microsoft. When talking about Surface, most students get a thought that all systems in the family cost more and so they cannot spend. But, the good news for you is that you can use the Surface Laptop Promo Code to pre-order this laptop at a friendly cost. Read on to learn more about this latest addition to the Surface family.

Color choices for personal feel:

Most of us feel personal when we can get a laptop in our favourite color. You can get this personal touch with the Surface laptop due to the following color choices available:

  • Burgundy’s elegance is a color that is different from any other laptop in the market. This color moves from mild rose and moves to deep red when you make a shift from morning to night or when you move from outside to inside.
  • Cobalt blue is a color that is depth in appearance. This is a color that is around us everywhere in the sea and in the sky. As it is a color stimulated by nature, it feels bring and natural.
  • If you are looking for a neutral color, you can choose graphite gold. To ensure the comforting glow, Microsoft has used a glisten in the metal.
  • Platinum is the core color of Surface. It is actually the heritage color of Microsoft. But, you will find new depths in this color in Surface laptop because of the anodization procedure. It endures to create a bright and timeless statement.

To bring a charming and cool feel outside, Microsoft has used anodized metal in the external portion. Similarly, to bring a warm and soft feel, Alcantara material is used outside. These features bring in a luxury and deepness to the Surface laptop from Microsoft. Besides improving functionality, Microsoft has shown interest to provide tactile familiarity. When it comes to design aspect, Alcantara is easy to clean and it actually resists spill absorption.

The best Office suite and Windows operating system:

Microsoft has made Surface laptop for Windows 10 S and the laptop is powered by this operating system. The software and hardware blend so flawlessly and it will not be possible to say the point at which one application concludes and the other starts. As a limited-period offer, Microsoft is going to release this laptop with one-year Office 365 personal subscription and a TB of free storage in OneDrive. This free subscription will bring you complete access OneNote, PowerPoint, Excel and Microsoft Word. All the documents that you save on this laptop will remain secured, stable and protected. As every file that you save on your computer will be automatically saved to the cloud, there will not be any loss of file. In addition, the Windows 10 S will keep your Surface updated always, thereby ensuring the best performance and security that is streamlined.

So, make the best use of Microsoft Surface Laptop Promo Code and reap the benefits of the latest Surface laptop from Microsoft.

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