Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Promo Code – 10% off for Students

By   February 7, 2018

Windows 10 Pro is more advanced than Windows 10 Home. It has all the Windows 10 Home features in addition to remote log-in, encryption for business functionality, creating virtual machinery; and other sophisticated features which make this version the most up-to-date software.

It is designed keeping in mind the business needs and so the safety of files is ensured through BitLocker and BitLocker to Go even when you lose your device. The Operating system has all the latest tools of Office such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and more importantly all the files and documents that you work out on Office tools gets stored automatically in the cloud, and this anchors the role play of virtual online drive allowing the user to work and share documents from anywhere and anytime. The remote log-in allows logging into the Windows 10 Pro remotely from anywhere in the world. This OS also gives feasibility of creating own personal app segment in the Windows Store to conveniently enter into the applications you need frequently.

Security of files is at its best in Windows as it has Windows Defender Antivirus in addition to BitLocker and BitLocker to Go which safeguards the files and devices from external threats. And don’t forget with Windows Ink the chance of never missing on your ideas is guaranteed as you can capture them on Windows Ink before you miss out them.

Windows Hello is easier to sign in and is 3 times faster than the routine password. You have both fingerprint and facial recognition for quick access. In addition o quick and instant access the user has the availability of keeping a PIN as a backup. And in addition to all these the multi-tools of Office and multi-tasking features of Windows 10 Pro go together and make working more professional and easier.

Though listing, in the end, you need not feel less secure of these two features, Microsoft Edge and Cortana both are which of much use to users. So, make the most of this OS using Windows 10 Pro Promo Code.

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