Windows 10 Pro Promo Code 2017

By   February 25, 2017

Windows 10 Pro Promotional Code 2017 Similarities with Windows 10 Home

Microsoft introduced their Windows 95 operating system ten years after the introduction of their first operating system Windows 1.0. Now, more than 20 years have passed after the introduction of Windows 95 and the improvement shown by this company in every edition of their operating system was incredible. Now, their Windows 10 is the recent operating system and similar to the predecessors, Windows 10 was also introduced by Microsoft with different editions for home users and professionals. When it comes to investing on this operating system most people get a doubt as to whether they should opt for Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Professional. Those planning for the latter now can make their purchase with Windows 10 Pro discount code.

Windows 10 actually comes in 7 different versions. Apart from specialized packages for enterprise and education, two of the 7 are aimed at regular consumers. One is for home users and the other is for professionals. A comparison between Windows 10 Home and Professional will help in deciding on the right unit, before an individual decided to use Windows 10 Pro promotion code for purchasing the professional edition.

Common features:

The fact is that for most users, the differences between Windows 10 Home and Pro will be negligible. The reason for this is that both these operating systems provide pretty much everything the users need for their day-to-day computing requirement. However, the main differences are something that will have an effect on business users.


All editions of Windows 10 come with Cortana, which is the virtual assistant from Microsoft that will help with voice commands for many tasks like searching the web, opening applications and files and many other simple functions. Reviewers are of the opinion that this feature is something that it going to be a key in the near future. The reason for this is that Microsoft has recently made an announcement about the upcoming release of Cortana Applications for iOS and Android Phones, while Windows Phone already has Cortana. So, if your requirement is an efficient office assistant, you can opt for any of these. But, if you are a student, you can use Windows 10 Pro student promo code for purchasing the Windows 10 Pro Operating System.

The Edge Browser:

This is also available on both. This new browser as against the earlier Internet Explorer is stated to be an excellent move made by Microsoft. The excellent feature worth to mention about this new browser introduced by Microsoft is that when you wish to read something over the web, you can easily shift to browser to reading mode, such that you can enjoy clutter-free reading. In addition, you can also highlight important points and share web pages with others. When you are highly particularly about professional edition, you can opt for Windows 10 Pro coupon code to make your purchase friendly to your valet.

Fully-integrated version of Virtual desktop:

The fully-integrated version of Virtual desktop is stated to be a welcome addition made by Microsoft on Windows 10. Even though, this feature was available in earlier editions of Windows, the users had to rely on additional software programs to get it going. The new task view option is another attractive thing that will allow users to create different workspaces on their PC very easily. In addition, it will be possible to drag and drop open applications on to varied desktops, thereby making the entire process smooth.

The universal applications are other worth-to-mention feature that can be found both in Windows 10 Home and Pro. With these similarities, you might think that both are more or less same, but with the availability of promotional code for Pro edition in the form of Windows 10 Pro Promo Code, can opt for this version. Even though, this is true, when compared to home, pro actually has other additional features to make it suitable for professionals.


If you are a professional looking for advanced security features on your system, you should confidently opt for the Pro edition with Microsoft Windows 10 Pro promotional code. The reason is that it comes with BitLocker with the help of which you can encrypt separate files and can keep them together with unencrypted ones.

Of course, Microsoft has added many other features suitable for professionals. So, you can look for Microsoft Windows 10 Pro discount codes to opt for the Pro edition.

With Microsoft Windows 10 Pro coupon code, you can enjoy cost saving, besides additional features as compared to the Home edition. You can also keep your friends informed about Microsoft Windows 10 Pro promo code to help them enjoy cost savings.

Microsoft Xbox Live Subscriptions Promo Codes 2017 for Better Gaming

By   February 17, 2017

Microsoft’s entry into the gaming field turned out to be a good hit, which motivated them to make further introductions in this niche. When it comes to Microsoft live, it is a product from Microsoft that dates back to 2002. This is the year in which the company launched the original Xbox. Even though, multiplayer console gaming was available in the market earlier, Microsoft’s strategy of connecting games and their consoles with the help of the web and the Xbox liver service was a revolutionary move. Besides powerful consoles, the value-added service called as Xbox live subscription in something that can bring better advantage to players. In addition, the availability of Microsoft Xbox Live subscriptions discount codes is an excellent thing worth to mention here.

When you become a member of Xbox live, you can unite with gamers across Windows 10 and Xbox console. Not just Xbox console, this service is available for Xbox 360 and Xbox One users as well. This service will help you to get yourself connected to a massive community of gamers. You can also build your gaming legacy by identifying a perfect avatar for yourself, amassing Gamerscore and by sharing epic game clips. In addition, you will be in a position to check out the present trend in the gaming community, can start a party chat, can follow your favorite games and can see what your friends are playing. In addition, you can also take your games and friends along with you wherever you go when you become a member of this subscription based product. What more you can get? Read on to learn more:

Multiplayer gaming:

With or without Microsoft Xbox Live Promo Codes, Xbox live subscription will open up the door for huge world of players to play with you. With the cross-device multiplayer ability, you will be in a position to play excellent games like Gigantic and Fable Legends with your associates, irrespective of whether they play on gaming console or Windows 10 PC. In the case of Fable legends, you can take the role of a villain on your PC and can beat heroes playing against you on Xbox One.

Play with the best:

When you have the live player powered reputation system on your gaming console, you can get better control on against whom you want to play. You will be in a better position to enjoy a more meaningful multiplayer experience and can get the most out of your games by keeping yourself away from cheaters.

Battle-tested performance:

You will not experience lag in games because Xbox Live is a service that is powered by Microsoft with thousands of servers. You might be surprised to know that over a billion multiplayer matches are played through this subscription service every month and the good thing about this service is that it is built for reliability, speed and performance to ensure better experience for the gamers to enthrall.

Multiplayer for every individual player:

Players can develop an imaginative world with their friends when they become live gold members with or without Microsoft Xbox Live subscriptions promotional code. Players can play against other players in heart-pounding matches that require them to react quickly. This will improve the performance of their memory to a great extent. Regardless of whether a gamer is in the mood of competitive or co-operative gameplay, Xbox live can bring in something for the interest of each player. With the world’s premier gaming community, there is always someone ready to play matching their style and skill without any doubt whatsoever.

With these excellent features, live gold membership on your Xbox will bring you excellent gaming experience and also a whole lot of entertainment experience.

Microsoft Windows 10 Home Promo Code 2017

By   February 10, 2017

Are you willing to get your current Windows system upgraded to the all new Windows 10? If so, then you must try to grab some exceptionally well designed Microsoft Windows 10 Home Promo Code through which you can get some lucrative monetary benefits as far as final payment is concerned. You can simply download these promo codes over the internet or hit to any of the Microsoft retail store so that you get the best options to redeem while you are making the final payment at the counter. Windows 10 has all exciting features as system software that can simply make you rock as a user!

Windows 10 has been one of the most wonderful creations from Microsoft Corporations that has simply revolutionized the way system software have been in use so far. You would get a plethora of features that can make your work even faster and better in every aspect. If you think that these added features have made the price go higher, you are right. But hold on, there are several microsoft windows 10 home promotion code offers that have been declared by Microsoft in order to make the users pay much lesser amount as marked. One of the major reasons of declaring these promo codes is to draw the attention of more and customers towards the product and increase the sales figures. Hence if you are planning to purchase the same, look for microsoft windows 10 home coupon codes before you pay.

Windows 10 gives an expanded start up menu, and work can be spread across several multiple devices which are good for a user. Further there are few innovative features like Cortana, which is a PDA for the users which can help you all throughout the day for your work. You can either upgrade your existing Windows to the new version or download it or even purchase it to avoid piracy. Get some microsoft windows 10 home discount code so that you end up paying much less while you do either of these. This system software has been made faster and more responsive to clicks. You can see your software booting up faster due to technologies like InstantGo, and has been provided with several security features to protect itself from malicious software. Grab a suitably designed promo code for microsoft windows 10 home by spending few hours over the internet and see how you can bring home the best at the least price paid.

Multitasking has been a new feature for Windows 10 and you can snap as many as 4 things at once on screen. You can also create virtual desktops so that more space is available and the all new Microsoft Edge browser has made it even more interactive to work with. You may spend some time of the day in surfing the best microsoft windows 10 professional promo code online because there you can get a wider range of options in comparison to the retail stores. However if you are not that much into net surfing and have managed to locate a retail store nearby your locality, why don’t take out some time from your busy schedule and visit there to get some extra ordinary collections of windows 10 home promo code for striking a great deal with Microsoft.

Just don’t forget that there are several such people all across the globe who are keeping their eyes open for such lucrative offers through windows 10 home coupon code.  If you be late, then you might lose the golden opportunity to grab some wonderful discounts that Microsoft has designed only for you. For students there are some special windows 10 home student promo codes that can surely save lots of their money as they try to get the all new software. This is good for their parents as well. So what are you thinking? Look out for the best options of windows 10 home promotional code and get the best deal with Microsoft corporations without any delay.

Xbox One Promo Code 2017

By   February 3, 2017

Microsoft Xbox One Promotion Code for Ultimate Gaming Experience.

The idea that Microsoft should develop their own gaming console started gaining traction way back in the year 1998, when the team that worked towards the formation of the first gaming console pitched their idea to Bill Gates. The console was developed as the first gaming system similar to a personal computer, to bring all the power and flexibility required for bringing the gaming rig to the gaming niche. Now, due to the invitation this console gained among gaming enthusiasts, Microsoft introduced further generations of this gaming console in the names of Xbox 360 and Xbox One. This is the right time to invest on the latest console from Microsoft as Xbox One Promo Codes are presently available.


When you jump ahead with Xbox One gaming console into the gaming industry, you can get the joy of playing the best games, favorite movies, multiplayer games, sports, music and live television, everything in a single place. With this console, you will be in a position to get the attractive lineup of games in the Xbox history with exclusive games like Quantum Break, Forza Motorsport 6, Halo 5 Guardians, etc. In addition, users can play on Xbox live after getting this membership and they can also enjoy digital and disc-based Xbox 360 games. Besides these things, the availability of Xbox One game promo code will be a good thing for gamers at this juncture.

500 GB Console:

Xbox One is something that is designed to start and stay ahead. Microsoft has made their investment deeply in the cloud infrastructure and also the Kinect. This is done to make sure that the game creators can enable gamers to get spectacular experiences. Nothing will hold you back from gaining the best gaming experience and even the cost will not prevent you from getting this experience because of the availability of Xbox One Microsoft promo code.

Wireless controller:

With Xbox One Wireless Controller, gamers will be in a position to experience the action like never earlier. They can enjoy better comfort, precision and greater intensity with D-Pad, responsive thumb sticks and impulse triggers and many other excellent features. All these features besides the benefit of cost-saving comfort in investing on Xbox One with Xbox One Microsoft discount code will surely be an added advantage.

The greatest lineup of games in the history of Xbox:

When you invest on this gaming console now, you will be in a position to play exclusives like Halo 5 and many other exclusive games designed for Xbox One, either by Microsoft or other designers. In addition, you might be surprised to know that you can also play disc-based and digital-based Xbox 360 games. All these things at the best cost are possible with promo code Xbox One Microsoft Store.

Play Xbox 360 games on Xbox One:

Do you know that Xbox One comes with backward compatibility? Yes, you can now play a wide range of your Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One console without paying any additional cost, once you purchase Xbox One with or even without promo code Microsoft Xbox One.

Become a part of the world’s leading gaming community:

Once you become the proud owner of this console, you can also become a live gold member. This membership will help you play your favorite games not just in the console, but also in your Windows 10 PC. Not just the friends in Xbox community, but you can also play against those in the Windows 10 Community as well. You can also see what your friends are playing and can also play according to the present trend in the community. This will not take much of your time with Microsoft Xbox One student discount code.

Every type of entertainment in a single unit:

Once you become a proud owner of this console with or even without Microsoft Xbox One promo codes, you will be in a position to enjoy games, entertainment and television, everything in a single unit. You can quickly switch back and forth games, applications and live television. You can receive multiplayer invitations while watching live television, Blu-ray movies and Netflix. In addition, you can also enjoy popular applications like ESPN, HBO, NFL, Sling TV and Skype.
Never forget about Microsoft Xbox One pre order promo code during your investment on the console and you will reap the benefits thereof for sure.

Surface Studio Promo Code 2017

By   January 27, 2017

Surface Studio Coupon Code to Place Order for a Cool PC.

It is good that you have come across some details about Microsoft Surface Studio and wish to learn more. Before you preorder, it is better to remind you of the availability of Surface Studio Promo Code.

Many of us love Microsoft just because of the professionalism and easiness to use. But, there is one thing that prevents us from getting near Microsoft’s products and it is nothing, but the cost. Due to the good quality and also due to the brand name, the software and also hardware products from this tech giant is always higher. If you are thinking about investing on the company’s first all-in-one PC added recently to the Surface lineup, then you should opt for the Surface Studio. But, if its cost concerns you, you can get help from Surface Studio Promo Code.

The most interesting computer that was released recently is not an ultra-thin laptop. It is actually a desktop made by Microsoft. Without any doubt, the Surface Studio is the bigger and bolder follow up to the Surface lineup made by Microsoft. Even though at the very first look, you will consider it to be a typical all-in-one system, it hides many excellent features within it. Just try giving a bit of nudge to the screen, you will find that it starts bending. In fact, it can bend all the way down to 20-degree angle, thereby making it the best system for artists and designers.

The accessory called as Surface Dial:

Together with the new Surface Dial accessory, the Surface Studio might just turn out to be powerful rig that professionals in the creative field were waiting for. Even though there are certain first-generation stumbling blocks that the users will have to adjust, overall they will find that this is an excellent all-in-one PC that actually doubles in performance with the best Surface Studio accessories like the Surface Dial.


Besides the cost benefits you can get with Surface Studio coupon code, you will surely be enthralled with the very attractive design when you place this all-in-one PC for the first time on your desktop. The 28-inch screen that is connected to the short aluminum base with a pair of chrome hinges gives an attractive look to the PC.

Effortless bending:

The chrome hinges in Surface Studio house a detailed 80-spring structure that makes winding of the screen highly effortless. The display brings out a sharp 4500×3000, which means 13 million pixel resolution. When compared to a 4K monitor, this is 63% more and just 1.2 million fewer pixels as compared to a 5K monitor. All the hardware pertaining to the system is located in its slim base. Also, the touchscreen support makes the working highly easier for designers or creators. Even though it is a touchscreen monitor, the Surface Pen will come handy for those, who are used to working through such an input device, rather than using their hand.

Easily manageable weight:

As the Surface Studio is around the weight of 21 pounds, you will find that it is easier to move the system around your home easily. Even though it cannot be stated as a portable system, it is actually movable. Even though, the base mostly gets out of the way, you will find it a little heavy if you are used to all-in-one PCs that heave the hardware behind the screen.


Irrespective of whether you shop for this all-in-one PC with or without Surface Studio promo code, you will find that there are two pairs of USB 3.0 ports. One of these ports is high-powered; there is also a gigabit Ethernet jack, a full-size SD Card reader, a mini display port connection and also a headphone jack.


Tech giants state that this is best all-in-one PC that can be the best choice for professionals like designers and artists. Its compatibility with excellent applications also makes it the ideal choice for creators.

Office 2016 Promo Code Upgrade your old Version to all new Microsoft Office 2016

By   January 2, 2017

Planning to upgrade your old version to all new MS Office 2016 version? Check Microsoft Office 2016 Promo Code before that!

If you have recently upgraded to MAC and looking for MS Office 365, be happy to know the availability along with some lucrative Microsoft Office Coupon Code Mac offers. Read on for more!

If you are a regular user of M Office and always feel that upgraded software is better to work with, you will be glad to know about the latest Microsoft Office 365-2016 that has been launched recently for loyal customers like you. It is easy to upgrade as you simply have to log on to the official website and choose the one that suits your professional needs. Business users can try out for the new Office 365 Home and Business versions and students can check out the Office 365 Home and Student alternative. There are some options for home users and professionals as well, like Office 365 Home or Office 365 Personal and Office 365 professional 2016 respectively.

The new version of Microsoft Office 365-2016 will give you several advanced features that can allow you to get a better set of software suite like Excel, Word and PowerPoint, which you can use for making your outputs even better. The company has also announced some lucrative discounts through some well designed Microsoft Office 2016 Promo Code and interested customers can get them either at the retail store of Microsoft and even over the internet that can be purchased online before you can buy the software. They have also added some interesting shortcuts, in the new version, so that you can make the work look even better.

Office 365- 2016 has been one of the most popular products that Microsoft has launched since its inception. Since then they have always tried to upgrade the software suite so that customers can be given the best. With the new version, they have allotted storage space of 1TB to each customer, so that they can also store their important documents apart from creating, modifying and sharing them. This eliminates the need of you to be stationed at a particular place while you are working. You can get help from some of the experts from Microsoft who can solve technical issues for you if any. There are also provision to get a free hour of Skype calling every month so that you can remain in touch with your friends staying away from you, what can now be better than this?

The new software is designed in such a way so that you can install it in any of the platforms you need to. For example if you have a Smartphone with android or a tablet with IOS you can highly work with the new version. Further if you have recently shifted to MAC you will also be able to work uninterruptedly with Office 365-2016. Interestingly you will also get some wonderful discounts through Microsoft Office Promo Code Mac which is also available both offline as well as online. So you should take the decision right now, so that you don’t need to face the issue with expiry of offers. It is also important for you to work with updated software because that is better for your professional as well personal project. So hurry up and take a chance so that you get the best when you pay a decent amount.

Office 365 Business Premium Promo Code 2017

By   December 20, 2016

Expand Your Reach With Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium Discount Code.

Microsoft’s office suite is something that brought in great name and fame for the company and to provide the best service to their customers, the company introduced office 365. Like the normal office suite, this suite also has different versions suitable for different users. For instance, there is office 365 Home for home users and there is office 365 University for university students. Similarly, for business users, the company has introduced Office 365 Business Premium. Businesses planning for the purchase of this suite can now use Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium Promo Code to get savings on their purchase of the office suite. But, before making their purchase, it would be better to understand the things they can get from this investment:

Office across devices:

Irrespective of the device they use like phone, tablet Mac/Pc, users will feel happy to know that their office suite always remains updated with the latest features. This is because office 365 business premium is a cloud-based office suite that is always online to update the new additions made by Microsoft.

Simply how they work together:

Besides storing their files, the users can sync and can share them over the web and so they will also remain updated. In addition, it will be possible to edit documents online that too with other users simultaneously.

Easy setup and management:

Besides experiencing the easiness associated with setting up process, the users will also experience that the management of the business files and folders will become easier with this suite in place. Also, the cost reduction that can be experienced with Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium promotion code is something worth to mention.

Familiar office tools:

Office 365 Business premium now includes the new office 2016 applications for your PC and MAC systems. With this, you can always have the latest version of your office applications with the help of which you can:

  • Capture your ideas and can work at your best with the help of touchscreen, pen and keyboard in your devices
  • You can easily format information in Excel with tools that can identify your pattern and can autocomplete data
  • You can also easily incorporate content from PDFs for creation of your own great-looking word documents.
  • Apart from the above-mentioned things, customization is something important for your business, isn’t? Yes, you can design customized marketing materials that can rightly fit your brand and your target audience with Office 365 Business Premium.

Office on PCs, tablets and phones:

You will be in a position to enjoy fully-installed office experience across Android tablets, iPads, Windows tablets, Macs and PCs and any other mobile devices. You might be surprised to know that on investment on this office suit, each user will be in a position to install office on 5 tablets (Android, iPad and Windows tablets), 5 Macs or PCs and 5 phones.

Online services:

Besides the above-mentioned benefits and apart from the cost-saving benefits you can get with Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium Promo Code, you will be in a position to get the following online services with this investment:

  • Emails and calendars: You can use business-class email via a rich and familiar Outlook experience and can access from your desktop or even from a web browser with the help of Outlook web application. Besides this benefit, you can get 50 GB mailbox per user and can send attachment of up to 150 MB.
  • Online conferencing: Online meetings are inevitable parts of businesses these days and you can host online meetings with video and audio with the help of one-click screen sharing and HD video conferencing.

The other online services that you can enjoy include instant messaging and skype connectivity, corporate social network, online office, professional digital storytelling, file storage and sharing, time sites and search and discovery.

Office 2016 Promo Code Grab Offers on all new Microsoft Office 365

By   December 15, 2016

Do you belong to that category of customers who are in serious need of Microsoft Office for every professional as well as personal need? There is some good news for you! Microsoft has recently launched Office 365 2016 version and everyone using the previous ones can simply upgrade o the newest at ease! You can choose the ideal flavor that suits your needs like for business houses there is a special version for Office Home and Business 2016, and for home users there exists Office 365 Home or Office 365 Personal. If you happen to be a student, look out for Office Home and Student and professionals in the industry might also opt for Office Professional 2016.

You simply need to subscribe for Office 365 for successful access of the newly launched software and can thus make it roam across wherever you go! Yes, you have heard it right! The reason it pretty simple-with Office 365-2016, Microsoft is offering a whopping 1TB cloud storage, where you can not only store your official/personal presentations, photographs, videos and other works, but can also modify and share them with your colleagues/friends anytime anywhere you need to. Further you will be provided with the latest versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, through which you will now be able to prepare better presentations and documents. Don’t worry about the price-you can still get Microsoft Office 2016 Promo Code offer, like the company used to offer for all other product they launched and get some attractive discounts as well.

With MS Office 365-2016, Microsoft has made the software even more feature studded hence more powerful for user of all categories. There are shortcuts added which helps you to finish your work even faster than earlier and in a much better way. you can also install the new version into any of your Windows PC, smart phones or even to tablets containing either Android or IOS, because the latest software suite is categorically designed being platform independent. Other features include a 60 minute free of cost calling in Skype which means you can now get connected to your distant friends at ease and also a strong team of experts for any kind of technical assistance that you need while you are using the software at your home, business, school, college or office!

Most of us today are leaving Windows and trying to get accustomed to newer Operating Systems like MAC, and Microsoft is truly aware of this fast transition among users all across the globe. That is the reason why they have made the new software totally compatible to MAC also o that they don’t lose their loyal brand followers and at the same time can gain access to those users who were not. Further to penetrate to the market faster the company has also introduced several Microsoft Office Coupon Code Mac which can give the users great discounts while they make the purchase or even upgrade to the newer versions. So look out for the latest version of Office 365-2016 now and reform your life for a far better digital experience.

Surface Studio Coupon Code to Make Drawing Easier With Surface Dial

By   December 9, 2016

Microsoft has already earned a great name among tech savvies due to their great software programs and even hardware devices recently. An addition to the Surface lineup, but with a huge lot of differences as compared to the Surface tablet, Microsoft has recently introduced the Surface Studio. This is an all-in-one PC for which preordering is now open. If you intend to get a fresh system to help with your personal and professional tasks, you are sure to get the best benefits with the Surface Studio. The availability of Surface Studio promo code to use on preordering is something excellent.

Microsoft enthusiasts were highly expecting the date of opening the pre-ordering for Microsoft Studio. They are well-aware of the fact that this is the first desktop that is designed exclusively by Microsoft. The company announced about this PC on the 26th of October 2016 on the Windows 10 Devices event. As Windows 10 is their latest operating system, Microsoft has manufactured this unit with Windows 10 Pro pre-installed.

Surface Dial:

Even though Microsoft Surface Studio comes with a huge monitor to help with many processes, to help with the process of drawing and to make things even easier, Microsoft has introduced many accessories for Surface Studio. Surface Dial is one such accessory to help with drawing. This is a little unit that is powered by two AAA batteries. Also, it is not essential that you should have Surface Studio to use Dial. As it is compatible with any Windows 10 device, you can use it on any PC. The dial will instantly light up the drawing tools to make the drawing through your Windows 10 PC enjoyable and even more productive.

Good for gaming:

Even though Microsoft has not introduced Surface Studio as a gaming PC, it is still highly capable enough. Yes, it goes well with games like Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3. Even it comes with built-in Xbox wireless support. This means that you can use any Xbox One controller for playing games. Also, it is compatible with Windows Hello. This means that with the help of 1080 pixel camera, you can simply log into Windows 10 with just your face.

Super-responsive applications:

Regardless of whether you work on the files stored on the HDD or any other are in Microsoft Surface Studio, you will find that the applications like Photoshop are highly responsive. Also, besides the cost-saving benefit with Surface Studio Coupon Code, the 32 GB RAM will help with multitasking easily. In general, huge memory is required when you work on huge files and this memory requirement can be rightly met by the 32 GB RAM. Similar to that of conventional PCs, you will get 4 USB 3.0 ports. In addition, there is an SD Card reader, mini DisplayPort, and headphone jack. This means that even you can connect a second monitor with Surface Studio. However, to use the Surface Studio as the monitor itself, it is not possible to use the DisplayPort.


Reviewers call this PC as a gorgeous computer. The great looks are really stunning to attract anyone passing by. The elegant simplicity followed by Microsoft with respect to the design aspect is highly appreciable. The focus is purely on the 28-inch screen that is connected to the short aluminum based with a pair of chrome hinges. This is something attractive.


With all its attractive and usefulness with respect to features, you can also expect an attractive price with Surface Studio promo code. This type of promotional code will help you with getting a certain percentage of discounts when you place an order for Surface Studio. Also, you can place an order for the system along with Microsoft Surface Studio accessories to get better discounts.

Microsoft Office 2016 Promo Code

By   December 6, 2016

No more a novice be a professional with Microsoft applications.

Worldwide there are many competitions held in which many students would appear with their white papers and research documents. For you to be unique among all of them, you should make excellent Microsoft power point presentation that would have lot of colors added in each of the slide that you discuss in front of everyone. Along with the colorful images you should also add facts relating to the images that you show to the audience. For all this to happen in a smooth way, you could rely on the suit of Microsoft applications which you could purchase with the help of the Microsoft Office 2016 Promo Code.

If you have a brilliant idea you always could explain it to the head of the department where you are doing your graduation. It is possible that you have good creative skills and hence have thought of some new technical concept that would work for sure. Being a student it is tough that you get the attention of the department heads who would permit you to implement the concept. Who would not like to get the reputation? Sometimes, the ideas and concepts must be represented in images so that you talk less and the images talk everything about your idea.  For you to do the magic on the audience you should have the best set of applications with you for which the Microsoft Promo Code would be handy.

When you are working as a trainee in a company after you have completed your graduation, you would be sitting idle unless you are trained and completely made ready to work on the client projects. This is the phase where most of the people would put an end to their creative thinking and would assume that they should follow the standards to survive. If you are doing this way, then you should realize the fact that only when you cross the boundaries and create something interesting the management would appreciate and would start giving you more critical projects and would make you critical resource.

You do not have to rely on the company to provide you the support, you could rather get the Microsoft suit of applications with the help of Office 2016 Promo Code and explore the features in the applications which you are familiar with. Sometimes it is good that you try to explore the new applications that you have not used in the past like the one drive so that you could discuss about your proposal to anyone in the company or with the investors as and when you get a chance to discuss with them for five minutes.

When you saved everything to one drive you could access them instantly from your iPhone provided you have the mac version of these applications. Depending on the collection of devices you use you could prefer using the Microsoft Office Coupon Code Mac. Missing even a single chance of establishing the network, exploring the applications, presenting the business ideas would push you back in the race.