Surface Studio Promo Code 2017

By   January 27, 2017

Surface Studio Coupon Code to Place Order for a Cool PC.

It is good that you have come across some details about Microsoft Surface Studio and wish to learn more. Before you preorder, it is better to remind you of the availability of Surface Studio Promo Code.

Many of us love Microsoft just because of the professionalism and easiness to use. But, there is one thing that prevents us from getting near Microsoft’s products and it is nothing, but the cost. Due to the good quality and also due to the brand name, the software and also hardware products from this tech giant is always higher. If you are thinking about investing on the company’s first all-in-one PC added recently to the Surface lineup, then you should opt for the Surface Studio. But, if its cost concerns you, you can get help from Surface Studio Promo Code.

The most interesting computer that was released recently is not an ultra-thin laptop. It is actually a desktop made by Microsoft. Without any doubt, the Surface Studio is the bigger and bolder follow up to the Surface lineup made by Microsoft. Even though at the very first look, you will consider it to be a typical all-in-one system, it hides many excellent features within it. Just try giving a bit of nudge to the screen, you will find that it starts bending. In fact, it can bend all the way down to 20-degree angle, thereby making it the best system for artists and designers.

The accessory called as Surface Dial:

Together with the new Surface Dial accessory, the Surface Studio might just turn out to be powerful rig that professionals in the creative field were waiting for. Even though there are certain first-generation stumbling blocks that the users will have to adjust, overall they will find that this is an excellent all-in-one PC that actually doubles in performance with the best Surface Studio accessories like the Surface Dial.


Besides the cost benefits you can get with Surface Studio coupon code, you will surely be enthralled with the very attractive design when you place this all-in-one PC for the first time on your desktop. The 28-inch screen that is connected to the short aluminum base with a pair of chrome hinges gives an attractive look to the PC.

Effortless bending:

The chrome hinges in Surface Studio house a detailed 80-spring structure that makes winding of the screen highly effortless. The display brings out a sharp 4500×3000, which means 13 million pixel resolution. When compared to a 4K monitor, this is 63% more and just 1.2 million fewer pixels as compared to a 5K monitor. All the hardware pertaining to the system is located in its slim base. Also, the touchscreen support makes the working highly easier for designers or creators. Even though it is a touchscreen monitor, the Surface Pen will come handy for those, who are used to working through such an input device, rather than using their hand.

Easily manageable weight:

As the Surface Studio is around the weight of 21 pounds, you will find that it is easier to move the system around your home easily. Even though it cannot be stated as a portable system, it is actually movable. Even though, the base mostly gets out of the way, you will find it a little heavy if you are used to all-in-one PCs that heave the hardware behind the screen.


Irrespective of whether you shop for this all-in-one PC with or without Surface Studio promo code, you will find that there are two pairs of USB 3.0 ports. One of these ports is high-powered; there is also a gigabit Ethernet jack, a full-size SD Card reader, a mini display port connection and also a headphone jack.


Tech giants state that this is best all-in-one PC that can be the best choice for professionals like designers and artists. Its compatibility with excellent applications also makes it the ideal choice for creators.

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