Windows 10 Pro Promo Code 2017

By   February 25, 2017

Windows 10 Pro Promotional Code 2017 Similarities with Windows 10 Home

Microsoft introduced their Windows 95 operating system ten years after the introduction of their first operating system Windows 1.0. Now, more than 20 years have passed after the introduction of Windows 95 and the improvement shown by this company in every edition of their operating system was incredible. Now, their Windows 10 is the recent operating system and similar to the predecessors, Windows 10 was also introduced by Microsoft with different editions for home users and professionals. When it comes to investing on this operating system most people get a doubt as to whether they should opt for Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Professional. Those planning for the latter now can make their purchase with Windows 10 Pro discount code.

Windows 10 actually comes in 7 different versions. Apart from specialized packages for enterprise and education, two of the 7 are aimed at regular consumers. One is for home users and the other is for professionals. A comparison between Windows 10 Home and Professional will help in deciding on the right unit, before an individual decided to use Windows 10 Pro promotion code for purchasing the professional edition.

Common features:

The fact is that for most users, the differences between Windows 10 Home and Pro will be negligible. The reason for this is that both these operating systems provide pretty much everything the users need for their day-to-day computing requirement. However, the main differences are something that will have an effect on business users.


All editions of Windows 10 come with Cortana, which is the virtual assistant from Microsoft that will help with voice commands for many tasks like searching the web, opening applications and files and many other simple functions. Reviewers are of the opinion that this feature is something that it going to be a key in the near future. The reason for this is that Microsoft has recently made an announcement about the upcoming release of Cortana Applications for iOS and Android Phones, while Windows Phone already has Cortana. So, if your requirement is an efficient office assistant, you can opt for any of these. But, if you are a student, you can use Windows 10 Pro student promo code for purchasing the Windows 10 Pro Operating System.

The Edge Browser:

This is also available on both. This new browser as against the earlier Internet Explorer is stated to be an excellent move made by Microsoft. The excellent feature worth to mention about this new browser introduced by Microsoft is that when you wish to read something over the web, you can easily shift to browser to reading mode, such that you can enjoy clutter-free reading. In addition, you can also highlight important points and share web pages with others. When you are highly particularly about professional edition, you can opt for Windows 10 Pro coupon code to make your purchase friendly to your valet.

Fully-integrated version of Virtual desktop:

The fully-integrated version of Virtual desktop is stated to be a welcome addition made by Microsoft on Windows 10. Even though, this feature was available in earlier editions of Windows, the users had to rely on additional software programs to get it going. The new task view option is another attractive thing that will allow users to create different workspaces on their PC very easily. In addition, it will be possible to drag and drop open applications on to varied desktops, thereby making the entire process smooth.

The universal applications are other worth-to-mention feature that can be found both in Windows 10 Home and Pro. With these similarities, you might think that both are more or less same, but with the availability of promotional code for Pro edition in the form of Windows 10 Pro Promo Code, can opt for this version. Even though, this is true, when compared to home, pro actually has other additional features to make it suitable for professionals.


If you are a professional looking for advanced security features on your system, you should confidently opt for the Pro edition with Microsoft Windows 10 Pro promotional code. The reason is that it comes with BitLocker with the help of which you can encrypt separate files and can keep them together with unencrypted ones.

Of course, Microsoft has added many other features suitable for professionals. So, you can look for Microsoft Windows 10 Pro discount codes to opt for the Pro edition.

With Microsoft Windows 10 Pro coupon code, you can enjoy cost saving, besides additional features as compared to the Home edition. You can also keep your friends informed about Microsoft Windows 10 Pro promo code to help them enjoy cost savings.

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